Seattle Senior Photography

1. How long is a typical Senior session?
Most sessions run 1-2 hours, which allows plenty of time for a couple locations and two or three wardrobe changes.

2. What should I wear?
We’ll send you a welcome packet once your session has been booked. This packet includes additional information about the shoot, including suggestions on clothing, accessories, suggestions for nail polish, hair and more (along with a few things to avoid). The most important part of your session is that you to be comfortable, ready to have fun and just be yourself.

3. What about hair and makeup?
We highly recommend investing in having your hair and makeup done by a professional for your senior portrait shoot. Why go this extra mile? The fact is that this shoot will be one of the most photographed moments of your life. This is not the time for a bad hair day or for letting your BFF practice her YouTube makeup skills on you. Sorry BFF. Remember those location and wardrobe changes we mentioned? You’ll want to be able to change your look during the shoot – something that a pro can make easy if you plan for it.

4. Where is the location of my shoot?
Your shoot will take place in the greater Seattle area, unless alternative locations are discussed and agreed to in advance. We will select the best locations based on several factors, including your attire & personality, season, weather, and the time of the day for your shoot. All locations must be relatively close to minimize travel time and maximize your time in front of the camera.

5. Can I bring a friend? What about my mom/sister?
Yes. You’re welcome to bring a friend, mother or sibling along if they will put you at ease. We find that sometimes it’s best to begin the shoot with these folks out of sight, since sometimes these folks around can actually increase the pressure. We can have them join us whenever you’re ready.

6. Can I include a personal item in the shoot?
Yes, please do. We highly encourage you to bring that letterman jacket, musical instrument, point shoes, or whatever special item it may be. This shoot is about documenting all aspects of you.

7. What if I’m not comfortable in front of the camera and not sure what to do?
Don’t worry. We’ll make every effort to ensure you’re relaxed so those natural, genuine smiles come through.

8. What happens if it rains the day of the shoot?
While the date and time of your shoot are booked well in advance, we generally can’t be sure the weather will cooperate until the day of the shoot. It’s rare for us to need to reschedule, but it does occasionally happen. We’ll be keeping an eye on the weather as your date approaches and will stay in touch with you along the way.

9. I heard about your Senior Rep program. How can I apply?
Our senior rep program accepts applications from January through the end of April for the class graduating the following year. If you are interested, please contact us here.

10. When will I get to see the images?
A sneak peak of one of your images will be posted on our blog, Instagram and/or Facebook within a day of your shoot. The rest of your images will be presented to you and your parent/guardian at your home 1 to 2 weeks following your shoot.

11. Do you sell digital files?
Yes. We offer two ways for you to obtain digital files from your shoot: 1) bundled with our collections, providing you the best value for your dollar, or 2) or a la cart. We are a bespoke photography service offering quality products and want our clients to have tangible heirlooms to display in their homes and to pass down to future generations.

12. What does the $150 session fee include?
The $150 non-refundable session fee covers the time and talent of the photographer, before, during and after your shoot. This fee does not include any prints, product or digital files.

13. What is the $200 minimum purchase?
In order to continue to provide the level of quality and service a $400 minimum purchase is required. Our collections begin at $400. All sales are subject to Washington state sales tax.

Reach out to us if you have any other questions: we’d love to hear from you!